[This is the] first time someone heard what I am going through and followed through on helping me with every one of my needs … It’s comforting to know that you still have someone you can depend on in these difficult times.

– Wallace

[We] were dealing with this seeming inability of the hospitals to work with us or even talk between their own departments for months. After so many calls telling them the same information I was a wreck, dreading making more calls while knowing it would do no good, and worrying about the money we would have to pay despite the insurance we had …  after [our case manager] began helping us things became much easier … having her on the line and fielding most of the calls, all while taking notes and keeping track, despite all the circles we were still going through with the hospital’s various departments, it felt like I could at least relax somewhat. Again, thank you so much for all your help. You cut through the nightmare we were going through, all with a kind and helpful attitude.

– Chris | mitral valve regurgitation 

A very kind and compassionate financial assistance program that was an unexpected blessing, so grateful for the help. I’m happy to be alive, healthy and to have [you] there to help.

– Richard